Survey Management

Frequently Asked Questions - Survey Service Centre

If you don't find the answer to your query below, please send us an email.

  • Which browsers can I use?
    Any browser can be used, for example Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • How do I connect to a survey?
    You will normally be sent an email outlining how to connect. The email will usually contain a hyperlink for you to click on.
    Alternatively, there may be a link on your company's intranet - but even in that case, you would normally be sent an email first informing you of the presence of the intranet link.
    Once you connect to our server, unless the survey is to be answered anonymously you will first need to log in using the details that were emailed to you.

  • I'm not sure if I finalised my survey. How can I check?
    Until a survey has been finalised, you can log back in at any time to re-open, review and/or update your survey responses.
    Normally, once you reach the end of the survey you will be given the following options:

    • Review your answers immediately, or
    • Close the survey for now (so that you can review it subsequently), or
    • Finalise your survey (after which you won't be able to make any further changes to your answers).

    Note that if you close your browser by mistake, or if your computer crashes, all answers except those on the current page will have been saved.

  • Does everyone get a reminder email?
    No - only those people who haven't as yet fully answered all the surveys that they have been asked to respond to will receive a reminder. The exception to this, of course, is that when a survey is being answered anonymously, we have no way of knowing who has answered the survey, hence reminders need to be sent to everyone.

  • I know that I'll need to assess half a dozen different people. Will I get a separate email for each of them?
    No - respondents will only receive a single email per survey, regardless of the number of people they are being asked to assess. The email will typically list the names of all the people that the respondent is being asked to assess.

  • How can we ensure that the emails pass through our spam filter?
    Ask your IT group to ensure that emails originating from "" are not treated as spam.
    You should also notify us of an email sender name and an email subject to use so that the survey respondents won't be suspicious of the emails (i.e. so that the emails that we send on your behalf look as similar as possible to the other business correspondence that they're already familiar with).